Basic Membership
For Life Time
Our free membership is ideal for professionals, for connecting to like minded colleagues and business partners.

It suits as well for business owners who want to explore the possibilities and benefits of our community.


+ meet, discuss and colaborate with disinfection professionals

+ participate in special interest groups

+ participate in special interest events

+ Create/modify up to 5 classifieds

+ Create/modify up to 3 polls
Price starting from € 8,50

Business Membership

This membership is ideal for owners of a small business.


+ All features of the Basic Membership

+ Create and moderate one group of special interest

+ Create/modify up to 4 events

+ Create/modify up to 25 classifieds

+ Create/modify one business page

+ Create/modify up to 12 polls
Price starting from € 85

Enterprise Membership

This membership is ideal for enterprises and their departments.


+ All features of the Business Membership

+ Create and moderate unlimited groups of special interest

+ Create/modify unlimited events

+ Create/modify unlimited classifieds

+ Create/modify unlimited business pages

+ Create/modify unlimited polls

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